About Association


Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association has established for 60 years, since 1948. With “creative service and prosperity for our members” as the motto and the role, we brings together the autonomous and self-discipline energy of the rubber industries, facilitates the benign and harmonic teamwork between members and serves as the bridge of communications, proposals and suggestions between members and between rubber industries, industrial groups and the government. The Association is established to provide and maintain the development and legal interests of our members.

Purpose of establishment

Our services include survey, statistics, research, improvement and development of rubber industries in and outside of Taiwan; communications and progress of technical cooperation; survey, statistics and promotion of members’production and marketing; survey of raw material sources and assistance in dispatching; mediation of disputes between members and between employers and the employees; projects entrusted by various institutions, groups or members; and assistance, promotion, research and suggestions for the economic policies and industrial regulations of the government; participate in international affairs, expand international interactions, establish online platform, and create business opportunities for members; and intensify the friendship between members and encourage experience sharing and so on. These services are provided to keep our members moving forward and maintain a sustainable operation.

Main meeting

Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association has been helping our members for more than 60 years. We have witnessed the industries from the infancy all the way to its full growth. In the era of global village, we aim to help and promote internationalization of the industries and explore a new position and business opportunity.
We will continue to live by our motto "creative service and prosperity for our members," protect our members' interests, continue to help our members cope with the trends and changes in the international environment, play an important bridge of communication between the government and industries, and lead our members and the industries into the next century.




The Association has 27 board directors.There are 9 standing directors in the standing director council and 9 supervisors with 3 standing supervisors in the supervision board.Also, there are 3 offices in each of Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan.There are 10 committees under the Association in charge of association affairs promotion, raw material policy improvement, international investment advices, rubber product technology, business environment improvement, national standard development, education and training, information, economic and business affairs in China and retreaded tire improvement.